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"The Roof is here! So, how did we get here? Our families have been visiting Ellijay to celebrate special occasions for over a decade—staying in the same house on the beautiful Cartecay River. We also made memories with dear friends who fell in love with the mountains and the relaxed, slower-paced lifestyle this community offered. 


In 2014 we bought our first home in Ellijay on Turkey Creek, and our best friends bought a home a mile away a year later! It didn’t take long for them to decide they wanted to retire here. We shared their sentiments so we began the search for our forever home! We landed in the Lucky 8 neighborhood on the Cartecay.  


We have been investing in real estate for almost 10 years and we knew that we also wanted to invest in Ellijay. It was the old Andy’s Jewelry building that caught our eye due to its history and location in beautiful downtown. Our dream was to do a roof top restaurant, but understood it would be impossible without the perfect structural support—especially in a historic building. Once we began renovations our contractor told us that the building, in fact, already had steel support beams above the first floor. The dream began to look more like a reality. After we confirmed with engineers The Roof was born. 


We hope you all join us to eat, drink, and enjoy the view of downtown Ellijay and the North Georgia mountains!"

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